Contracts Awarded ≥$25,000


Contracts Awarded ≥$25,000

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Field Value
A semi-annual report detailing all contracts ≥$25,000 awarded under delegation of authority
Date First Published
Update Frequency
The information is extracted from SAP and validated by Supply Services. There should be no issues with accuracy. Service or Departmental names may change.
 Field Names

·       PO : Purchase Order Number

·       Department : City Department where contract was awarded

·       Description: A brief description of the contract awarded

·       Professional / Consulting Services: A designation is added if the contract awarded was for professional or consulting services. If it is blank the contract is either goods, other services, materials or construction. The designations used are: PE – Professional Services, Specialized Expertise. PO – Professional Services, Business Model Required Outsourcing. PI – Professional Services, Independent Third Party Oversight. PR – Professional Services, Regulatory Requirements. PW – Professional Services, Fluctuations in Workload or Lack of Internal Resources. PP – Professional Services, Proprietary Service or Unique Market Position. CE – Consulting Services, Specialized Expertise.

·       Follow-on / Amendment: A – Amendment. A3 – Amendment, >$50,000 and 50% of original contract. F – Follow-on Contract. E – Extension. E32(2) – Extension as per Section 32(2) of the Purchasing By-law.

·       Amount – Includes taxes, less any rebates (tax rebates or prompt payment discount).

·       Vendor: Vendor Name, City, Province (State / Country)

·       Non-Competitive Rationale: Section 22(1)(a) – Proprietary Rights. Section 22(1)(b) – Abnormal Market Conditions. Section 22(1)(c) – Only one source of supply acceptable and cost effective. Section 22(1)(d) – Absence of competition for technical reasons. Section 22(1)(e) – Security or confidentiality matters. Section 22(1)(f) – Special Circumstances. Section 22(1)(g) – Non-Competitive Follow-on Contract. Section 22(1)(h) – Professional Services < $50,000. Section 22(1)(i) – Utility.

Author Joanne Graham
Author Email Joanne Graham
Maintainer Corporate Services, Supply Services
Maintainer Email Corporate Services, Supply Services


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